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Saturday, March 04, 2006

i hate my life!!! i cant believe why am i not fighting for what i want!!! i cant believe the opportunity that im deprived of to live my life to the fullest!!! fuck man. all of this is fucking bullshit!!!!!!!!!! why am i the only one who has to come home everyday after work and do absolutely nothing?! what kind of fucking life is that?!!! why am i the only one who stays at home all night doing absolutely nothing but stay in my room and stare at the bloody walls?!!!!!!!!!! i shouldnt be at home!! why do you still want to keep me at home even if there is absolutely nothing for me to do!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate it so much you have no idea how much anger, hurt and desperation is in me right now!!! I WANT MY FUCKING FREEDOM SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT MY OWN SAY!! I WANT TO BREAK FREE!!!! I WANT YOU TO LET GO!!!!!!!!!!!! please man, im not your little 5 year old anymore!!! cant you just let me be and let me experience it all in life?! if youre forever gonna be like that, when will i ever get to see the cruelty the world beholds?!! thanks for being protective BUT HELLO?! you cant be like this to me forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GONNA SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gosh. please man. please. let. me. go.

ramblings by princess janis `* [[22:02]]

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

ive MOVED!!

ramblings by princess janis `* [[16:18]]

Monday, December 29, 2003

baked choclate chip cookies with jay today!! reallyy yummy!!!! :) `beeams- it tastes damn good!! hahaha. okaayyy. one urf these days, i'd bake em fer you guys kayy? lols. shhit. sch's reopening alrdy... and my chi mock exam's on tha 6th jan!! fcuk. tha whole urf bk3b okay!! `growls-

ramblings by princess janis `* [[20:30]]

Saturday, December 27, 2003

raahhhs. tryin to finish up my geog hol assignment. bet my slides will be the trasiest amg all. hahah. uh heck. at least i did em. :) `beeams. i feel... a sense urf accomplishment! hahaha. arse. my head's spinning... my mum's like cursing me to suffer a hangover on tha first day urf sch. aieees. juana's not here. sulksulk. bitchbitch. its gonna be reallyy weird without her next yr. wth. its alrdy reallyy weird without her here. i do hope she'd be able to fit in well there and stuff.

sshhh. ive jon asked jon abt his friend! :) `grrins. nelson!! sshhh. jon told me quite alot abt him! x) now,thats a great bro! okaaay. hope to see bump into him this sun! heh. ssshhhh!

oh yars! anyone urf ya'll who is interested in hafing a dog, can you like tell me. cos my friend wants to sell/gife away his friend's dog. aiee. long story larhs. haha. and desmond said that his friend said that he/she'd prefer a female owner. heh. `hugs. x)

ramblings by princess janis `* [[00:26]]

Friday, December 26, 2003

hairy people, beautiful people. lollls.

ramblings by princess janis `* [[18:05]]

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

okay people!! i wish you guys a BLESSED CHRISTMAS!! lurfe you guys loads! :) `beeams. okay. it wont kill if ive wished ya'll an hr and a half earlier right? lol. so yaaaars. anyways! God bless all urf you wonderful angels. ;) `wiiink. aiees. gotta walk up earlier tmr fer x'mas service.. then probably be meeting chewie in town first then meet the rest to head to the airport. dumdeedums. im pretty excited abt x'mas service tmr!! dunno whyy. lollls. my dad got the xbox today.. sent fer modification too. then my dad said nokia3200 not nice! hurms!! i think its okaay wad.. cos i can make my own cover ya know. like so original lorhs. bleah. xp nvm larhs. all i want is one with an integrated cam.. `smiles. i lurfe my 6510... but its starting to screw up. uh wells. and man,i lurfe the goo goo dolls!! john rzeznik is sooper dooperly kyooooot. hahaha. reallyy yar. he and jon bon jovi is like almost the same kinda style. haha. lurfe em. lollls.

sshh. okay. i hope to see jon's friend tmr! heh. `nods. yurp,the one i saw last sun! sshh.

ramblings by princess janis `* [[22:24]]

pics fer nana's dinner are in.. klick on tha visuals yar? x) on the left hand side. :) `hugs.

ramblings by princess janis `* [[12:23]]

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

BOO! :) got a song here... got the site from peiyu. x) oh yars! and i got my keyboard changed. lol. smiles. uh wells.

ramblings by princess janis `* [[22:24]]

yay!!! new curtains. purple curtains. `beams.

ramblings by princess janis `* [[11:11]]

heyyy! x) `grrins. i just woke up... my head's like spinning ard. lol. probably cos drank quite like 2 cups urf carrot juice plus vodka. hahaha. me and dad were like drinking. heh. i dont hafe a very high alcohol level thing wort, so after 2 cups dying alrdy. hahaha. bleah. shit. my keyboard's spoilt larh.. the shift button doesnt work. both doesnt. hurms! unless i press very hard larh.

okay! so ystd. went to meet chewie first.. the train ride to orchard was freaky. esp when i alighted at orchard. freakyy. uh wells. heh. got to know xiaowei and this guy.. think his name is joel. so after that, chewie and me just walked ard.. haha. so much fun wif this gurl! x) lurfe yoo baby! took neos with her and sky. hee. okay. then went breeks... ate. the waiters there like very funny one... hahaha. one urf them dunno how to take photo one... the other one pen all so lousy. hahahah. so cute. then adri came.. passed me back my blink182 cd. like finally! hahah. then.. i felt quite bad. cos we like left him out or sth. sorry. uh. then we went heeren.. took neos! nice! then after that, i left with ju first. wahlau. jay was at heeren last night too.. he cldve hafe called me then i can still stay out abit later. `grr. uh wells.

so yar. had a lot urf fun ystd! lurfe you babes!! hahaha. xp meeting em again on thurs... x'mas day. yay! my dad's gonna get x box soon.. he say he'd play the x box then my bros will use ps2, then i use ps1. tsk!!! lol. -rolls eyes- uh wtvr. i thank god fer all. :)

ramblings by princess janis `* [[10:32]]